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Chhatra League president dressed up as a journalist to get EC’s identity card

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Nafiul Ibne Sarkar, president of Badarganj Upazila Chhatra League of Rangpur, has applied to the office of the returning officer for journalist identity card for monitoring the polling station of the 12th national parliament election.

It is known that he applied as a Badarganj representative (journalist) of a local newspaper in Rangpur. In the 12th National Assembly elections, his identity card has been asked for stickers to be used on motorcycles and to collect news on January 7. The Chhatra League leader admitted the fact of applying.

On Wednesday afternoon, the application form came to the attention of some media workers at the office of Rangpur District Commissioner and Returning Officer. Mainstream media workers have expressed anger over this incident.

Claiming that he has been working in that newspaper for two years, the BCL president Nafiul Ibn Sarkar said, ‘I am the staff reporter of that newspaper. I have been working for two years. I got the post of Chhatra League four months ago. Post for a few days, Chhatra League is no longer a profession.

Some professional journalists of Badarganj said that according to their knowledge, Nafiul is not a journalist. Never seen working as a journalist. Again, no news of him published in the newspaper was found. If he is a journalist, then at least one of his writings should be shown in the news. He is applying for identity card as a new journalist for the election.

Media workers also said that they do not know Nafiul Ibn Sarkar as a journalist. He was never seen working in the newspaper in the upazila.

However, it is known that the local MP Ahsanul Haque is a relative of the editor of that newspaper. The editor of that newspaper gave a card a few days ago on his recommendation.

It should be noted that the committee of Badarganj Upazila Chhatra League of Rangpur was approved on April 12 last year. Nafiul Ibn Sarkar was elected as the president. He made the application to the Election Returning Officer saying that he will use the motorcycle for the 12th National Election.

Rangpur District Election Returning Officer and Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mobashwer Hasan said that journalists will be given identity cards for gathering news after verifying the documents according to the policy. However, if someone applies irregularly, he will never be given an electoral identity card. Verification is being done for this. And all the journalists who will apply, they have to apply with their ID card on the application of the editor or the officer in charge of the organization.


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