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Chat with 5000 women with ChatGPT, find life partner

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Nowadays artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot chatgpt helps you in many ways in professional life. But this time AI tool chatgpt has become a part of people’s personal life as well. And also helping people to find their life partner. Even chatting is helping to build rapport.

Russian news outlet RIA Novosti reported that 23-year-old software developer Alexander Zadan used Chatzipit to filter matches on the dating app Tinder. After he chatted with 5,000 women, the AI ‚Äč‚Äčidentified a girl named Karina Imranovna as a perfect match for him.

Alexander said it took him about a year to find the perfect life partner.

The young man said, ‘I didn’t tell chatgpt how to talk. So there were some problems at first, because the program didn’t recognize me. He spoke very childishly. But later I trained it in such a way that it started interacting with girls according to the way I spoke. This AI bot has removed the bad matches.’

“ChatGPT asked me to propose to Kareena by the end of 2023,” Alexander said. Although Kareena did not know that Alexander was chatting with her with the help of AI. But when he found out about it, it didn’t make much difference to him.


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