Home News Charles III: “We must take care of each other”

Charles III: “We must take care of each other”

Charles III: “We must take care of each other”

In difficult times for the royal family and the monarchical institution itself, Carlos III He has more in mind than ever the words of his mother Elizabeth II: “We have to be seen to be credible.” Despite being removed from the public agenda for the treatment of the cancer he suffers – whose type has not been revealed – the 75-year-old monarch wants to continue being present among the British.

Hence the message from the head of state that could be heard on Holy Thursday in Worcester Cathedral where the traditional mass known as “Royal Maundy” took place. «The commitment I made at the beginning of the Coronation service was to follow Christ’s example to serve, not be served. That’s what I have always tried to do and I continue to do, with all my heart,” he stressed.

In a ceremony that dates back to 1662 and commemorates the moment when Jesus washes the feet of the apostles at the Last Supper, tradition dictates that the king distribute donations to the same number of people as he is old. In this case, 75 women and 75 men distinguished for their service to the community received specially minted coins in red and white purses.

In the absence of Charles III, Queen Camilla, 76, was in charge of distributing the giftsthus becoming the first queen consort in history to assume the role of the monarch in this ceremony so prominent in The Firm’s agenda.

Wearing a cream cashmere coat, a brown hat and two matching gold and sapphire brooches that belonged to Elizabeth II, she smiled widely and posed for photographers before entering the Cathedral. Given the losses of the king and Kate, she is the one who now carries the weight of the Crown in public events.

The message of Charles III was recorded at Buckingham Palace earlier this monthseveral weeks after she revealed that she was suffering from cancer, but before the Princess of Wales announced last Friday that she was also receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer in a video that caused great commotion.

Although Charles III He did not specifically refer to the delicate moments that the family is going through, his words were loaded with meaning. «In this country we are blessed by all the different services that exist for our well-being. But beyond these organizations and their selfless staff, we need and benefit greatly from those who extend the hand of friendship to us, especially in a time of need,” he qualified.

In short, a thank you for the messages of support you are receiving, but also perhaps a request for the privacy you have requested to face the situation. Buckingham Palace yesterday published a photograph taken at the time the monarch recorded the video. Throughout these weeks, the official residence of Charles III and Camilla has been continuously providing images through official channels where the monarch can be seen attending to his duties as head of state, including weekly meetings with the prime minister. . This has contrasted with the absolute secrecy with which Kensington Palace treated Kate’s illness. A highly criticized strategy that only fueled conspiracy theories. Hence, finally last week they opted for total transparency with a video in which Kate herself told the reality.

Kate, no reappearance date

The moment chosen to reveal the shocking news was made to coincide with the Easter school holidays so that the princes of Wales can have three weeks of maximum privacy to manage and accept news that is difficult to tell their three young children, George, 10 years, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5. In mid-April, Prince William, heir to the throne, will resume his public agenda. But there is no scheduled date for Kate’s reappearance. Nor is there one for that of Carlos III. Although, specifically, the monarch is scheduled to be present this Sunday at the Easter mass. Her reappearance will calm the British in these delicate moments for the Monarchy.