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Change in education system to keep pace with the world: Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that changes have been made in the country’s education system to keep pace with the world. He also said that all necessary investments will be made to ensure international standards of education. He said these things at the inauguration of the free textbook distribution program for the students of different levels of the 2024 academic year at the Prime Minister’s office on Sunday morning.

The Shapla Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office turned into a joyful gathering of students, teachers and parents on the occasion of the distribution of free books for the new year among students across the country.

At the beginning of the program, the Prime Minister inaugurated the book festival by handing over new books to the children. The children were excited to receive the new book from the head of government.

The Prime Minister highlighted the desire of the government to develop the students of the country to meet international standards.

The Prime Minister said, ‘All necessary investment will be given for international quality education. I will give whatever money is needed for education. We want to create an international standard education system in Bangladesh by using the method of how they teach, what curriculum they teach, as there are famous universities in the world.

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We want our country to keep pace with the world. That is why we have changed our curricula. The way we value education today has greatly increased our enrollment rate. We have increased the literacy rate to 76.8 percent from where it was only 44 percent.’

The Prime Minister urged the teachers and parents to educate the children well and make them like human beings. The Prime Minister urged children to pay attention to the habit of reading books and take care of them.

Emphasizing on technical education in creating employment, he said, ‘along with general education, emphasis should be given on hands-on education, so that employment is created. Not only that everyone should be educated in general education, there is a special need for technical education to develop skilled manpower. We are building 100 Special Economic Zones across the country. Factories will be built there. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, we will need an educated citizenry with appropriate technology-based education. So we have to build a suitable workforce.’


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