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Chabi students demand dismissal of the teacher accused of attempted rape

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An allegation of attempted rape has been made against a professor of Chittagong University. The students formed a human chain to fire him and file a case against him on behalf of the university administration.

The students formed a human chain around 10:30 am on Monday with placards in front of the administrative building of the university.

The students complained that the university administration is slowing down the investigation of Professor Mahbub Matin of the Department of Chemistry. They claim that the teacher should be fired and the university should file a case against him for attempted rape. Apart from this, they have announced that they will continue their agitation until their demands are met.

On January 31, a female student of his department has accused Professor Mahbub Mateen of attempted rape. That day at noon, the student made a written complaint to Vice-Chancellor Shireen Akhtar of sexual harassment, sexual assault and attempted rape against Professor Mahabub Matin.

In the complaint given to the vice-chancellor, the student mentioned that she was doing her post-graduate thesis under the supervision of the accused professor. Since the beginning of the thesis, the professor has been sexually harassing her in various ways. The professor has been sexually harassing and oppressing him several times by calling him to the laboratory and his own room, touching the sensitive parts of his body, hugging him.

In addition, the teacher found him alone in the laboratory on January 6 and sexually assaulted him. Then on January 13, he called her to her room and tried to rape her. The teacher threatened him and his classmate in various ways not to disclose the incident.

Meanwhile, immediately after the incident, the administration stopped Professor Mahabub Mateen from all activities of the university for the sake of investigation.

Chittagong University sexual harassment complaint cell convener Professor Dr. Zorin Akhtar said that the complaint was received on January 31. The investigation has been going on since February 1. Investigation report will be submitted as soon as possible.


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