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Celebrating National Immigrants Day 2023 in Japan

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Bangladesh Embassy in Japan celebrated National Migrants Day 2023 today Saturday with due importance and significance. As part of the celebration of the day, a discussion meeting was organized at the embassy with the participation of representatives of the companies sending workers, owners and representatives of remittance houses, representatives of companies sending workers to Japan on student visas, technical interns working in Japan, specified skilled workers and part-time workers coming on student visas.

Second Secretary (Press) of Bangladesh Embassy in Tokyo. This information was informed in a press release signed by Imranul Hasan.

At the beginning of the discussion program, speeches given by the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Foreign Minister and Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Affairs Minister were read out on the occasion of the day.

Ambassador of Bangladesh in Japan Shahabuddin Ahmad said in his welcome speech, “With the proper steps and management of the government, the population of the country has become a public resource and a large number of Bangladeshis are working with reputation in more than 170 countries of the world.”

The ambassador thanked and thanked the remittance warriors for their important contribution to the economy of Bangladesh and urged all the immigrants, including the Bangladeshis living in Japan, to work with more patriotism, devotion and honesty for the development and reputation of the country.

He said, ‘There are several Japanese expatriates among those who have been honored as CIP (non-resident Bangladeshi) this year in view of International Immigrant Day and National Expatriate Day. We hope that the number of Japanese expatriates in this field will increase in the future.’

The ambassador also said, ‘Corona epidemic and Russia-Ukraine war have adversely affected the economy of all countries of the world, including Bangladesh.’ He urged the participants of the meeting including the Bangladeshi expatriates in Japan to ensure the economic strength of their beloved motherland Bangladesh by making use of the growing demand of foreign workers in Japan, bringing more workers from Bangladesh and sending remittances through legal channels and ensuring the financial stability of their families by joining the universal pension system.

First Secretary (Labour) of the Embassy gave a power point presentation to the visiting guests highlighting the Immigrant Day and the importance and significance of sending remittances through legal channels and joining the universal pension system, the various facilities provided by the government for migrants and the special potential of employing Bangladeshi manpower in Japan. . Zainal Abedin. Later, the visiting guests took part in an open discussion to highlight the various aspects of sending remittances through legal channels and employing more Bangladeshi manpower in the current situation. He vowed to work together. Bangladesh Embassy assured them all kinds of cooperation in this work.

Later two Distinguished Expatriate (CIP) Bangladeshis were honored. At the end of the program, 10 expatriates joined the Universal Pension System and Wage Earners Welfare Board through the One Stop Desk of the Bangladeshi Embassy.

Embassy officials were present on the occasion.


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