Home News Celebrating Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary and National Children’s Day in Sydney

Celebrating Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary and National Children’s Day in Sydney

Celebrating Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary and National Children’s Day in Sydney

The birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and National Children’s Day were celebrated at Bangladesh Consulate General in Sydney, Australia. On the morning of March 17, the day began with the hoisting of the national flag in the presence of the officials of the Consulate General.

On the occasion of the day, wreaths were placed on the portrait of the Father of the Nation. Later, the foreign minister of Bangladesh’s speech was read.

Apart from this, a special prayer was offered for the forgiveness of the departed souls of the father of the nation and his martyred members of his family, directly and indirectly participating in the achievement of Bangladesh’s independence, and all the freedom fighters who received martyrdom and seeking the mercy of Almighty Allah to protect the independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh.

Cultural programs were organized at the Consulate General building with the participation of local migrant Bangladeshis, community members and staff of the Consulate General. At the beginning of the ceremony, which was initiated by the playing of the national anthem, verses from the holy scriptures were recited.

The speech given by the President and the Prime Minister was read out to those present and the guests.

In this event, Consul General highlighted various aspects of the single-minded leadership of the father of the nation in achieving the independence of Bangladesh. Shakhawat Hossain delivered the welcome speech. Throwing light on the illustrious life of the father of the nation, the Consul General said, ‘Bangabandhu’s contribution was not only limited to leading the war of independence, but throughout his life, he loved the country and its people through immense hardships and sacrifices, which set an unprecedented example for the entire nation. For will be exemplary forever.

Md. Shakhawat Hossain also said that recently Bangabandhu’s privileged daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been able to turn Bangladesh into a role model for development through her successful leadership. Behind this development is the visionary leadership of the father of the nation, the achievement of independence and his correct direction and framework in the management of the country. Bangabandhu’s ideal and illustrious career he also emphasized on keeping the next generation in his personal life.

On the occasion of Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary and National Children’s Day, a cultural program was organized with the participation of children and teenagers in the last part of the program with the aim of developing basic concepts about country, race and culture in the hearts of children and teenagers. In the cultural program, child and adolescent artistes performed Bengali rhymes, poems and readings from Bangabandhu’s ‘Unfinished Autobiography’. Their spectacular performances mesmerized the audience.

Finally, the Consul General cut the cake with the children and teenagers present and distributed prizes among the children and teenagers who participated in the cultural program.