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CC cameras are also installed in eastern trains

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For the safety of the passengers, the trains of the Eastern Railway are also being brought under the cover of CC cameras. In the meantime, CC cameras have been installed in 5 trains. It can be easily identified if someone tries to sabotage the train. Recently, the railways has been shaken by the incidents of multiple vandalism on railway lines and trains during the hartal-blockade called by BNP.

On December 19, miscreants set fire to Mohanganj Express, a train belonging to the Eastern Railway, in Dhaka’s Tejgaon area. 4 people including mother and baby died. After that, the authorities became vigilant about the safety of the railways. It was decided to bring the train under CCTV cameras.

In the meantime, CC cameras have been installed in these 5 trains of the Railway East – Mohanganj Express, Haor Express, Suvarna Express, Cox’s Bazar Express and Tourist Express.

Director General of Railways Kamrul Ahsan said that 4 to 5 trains have come under the CCTV camera. CC cameras will be installed in all the trains.

Railway Minister Jillul Hakeem said, to avoid vandalism, railway patrol is being arranged with the representatives of the areas through which the railway line passes, especially the union.

CC cameras are installed at the front and back of each train and inside the compartment. Through this, in case of incidents like vandalism, those involved can be quickly identified.

Chittagong Railway Superintendent of Police Mohammad Hasan Chowdhury said that there are CCTV cameras station-wise and inside the railway. We will also move to IP system so that monitoring can be done via mobile as well.

In the first phase, CCTV cameras will be installed in all intercity trains. Later, the railway authorities will also bring the rest of the trains under the CCTV cameras. If the train is covered by CCTV cameras, it will be easier to avoid vandalism as well as the safety of the passengers, said the officials.

Meanwhile, Western Railway is installing CCTV cameras in total of 24 trains including 16 to Dhaka to ensure the safety of passengers and trains. The railway officials say that vandalism will be reduced and the overall safety of the railway will be ensured. Passengers have welcomed this decision of the railways.

In the first phase, 18 trains, including six inter-city ones, are being brought under CCTV cameras. Railway authorities say that 16 trains on the Dhaka-Rajshahi route have CCTV cameras inside the coaches. However, to ensure overall safety inside and outside the train, CCTV is installed in the train. Western Railway officials say that not only the safety of passengers, but also the railway staff inside and outside the train will be monitored.

Asim Kumar Talukder, General Manager of Western Railway, told Independent Television, ‘Government has decided to consider the safety of our esteemed passengers who are there recently after looking at various plans at different places and after giving that report, the final decision will be taken. However, I think there are 16 Dhaka-bound trains and two more Rupsa-Simant trains. In total, 18 trains will be initially equipped with CCTV cameras.


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