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CBC test in government hospital stopped for 5 months

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CBC (Complete Blood Count) test has been stopped for 5 months in Madaripur 250 bed hospital due to indifference of the authorities and lack of equipment. In this, the patients who come to the hospital for treatment are forced to get this test from the private clinic at three to four times more cost. They are suffering from it.

Relatives of patients and local social movement leaders have demanded that the CBC test be introduced in Sadar Hospital as soon as possible. However, the hospital authorities say that the CBC test is closed because the contractor cannot supply the equipment.

Jafar Molla, a resident of Chaturpara village of Mustafapur Union of Madaripur Sadar Upazila, admitted his wife Sabina Begum to Madaripur 250-bed hospital when she developed fever. When asked to get a CBC test from the hospital, he could not get it done at the hospital, but when he got the test from an outside private clinic at a high price, his wife was diagnosed with dengue.

After that, when it was necessary to do CBC test every day, he admitted his wife to a private clinic in the city without getting proper treatment in the government hospital. He has to suffer greatly.

Sabina’s husband Zafar Molla said, ‘When my wife has fever, I take her to Sadar Hospital. Not being able to take the blood test to Sadar Hospital, I got the test done from outside at a higher cost. Dengue was caught there. Tests are to be done from outside every day. Later, I brought my wife to a private hospital for treatment.

Not only Zafar Mollah. Most of the patients who come to the hospital for treatment are not able to get the CBC test done by the government at a low cost and the relatives are suffering greatly.

They said that the dengue disease was diagnosed after being brought to the hospital. We have been given a blood test, which has to be done from outside. This facility is not available here. It has to be done at higher cost from outside. There is no chance of blood test in the hospital. We are doing blood tests from outside. We want the blood test to be done in this hospital.

In this regard, the local conscious citizens of Madaripur said that to reduce the suffering of patients, the CBC test should be started quickly in the 250-bed hospital.

Advocate Moshiur Rahman Parvez, President of Safe Treatment Association, said, ‘The CBC test has been closed for many days. Patients go to different places to get the blood test. This test is required for dengue patients. Our demand is to start this test by arranging CBC test materials quickly.’

The hospital authorities said that the CBC examination has been stopped as the contractor could not supply the materials.

Munir Ahmed Khan, civil surgeon of the hospital, said, “The contractor is delaying in providing the materials for CBC testing. If they don’t deliver quickly, we will take the initiative to introduce CBC tests as an alternative.’

An average of 5,000 patients come to this hospital in Madaripur every day for medical treatment. Therefore, the district residents demand to start CBC test in the hospital immediately.


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