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Case in the afternoon, the minister took floral greetings of the defeated candidate at night

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A defamation case of hundreds of crores of rupees has been filed against the defeated independent candidate of Brahmanbaria-3 (Sadar and Vijaynagar) constituency, Ferozur Rahman Olio, for making objectionable statements during the campaign of the recently held twelfth national election. Awami League candidate who won this seat and newly appointed Housing and Public Works Minister RM Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury filed this case. However, this case made during the day could not be a hindrance to receiving floral greetings from the defeated candidate Ferozur Rahman at night.

The case was made in the court of Brahmanbaria Joint District Judge Nazrul Islam on Thursday afternoon. Plaintiff’s lawyer Abdul Jabbar Mamun said that the court will issue an order after hearing the case next Sunday.

Meanwhile, on the day and night of the case, Ferozur Rahman Olio congratulated the newly appointed Minister Ram Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury in Dhaka. His chief election agent and elder son Sheikh Omar Farooq was with him at that time.

Ram Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury won by getting 1 lakh 58 thousand 872 votes in the 12th National Parliament election held on January 7. His closest rival independent candidate Ferozur Rahman got 64 thousand 37 votes in the Scissor symbol.

It is said in the application of the case that during the parliamentary election campaign on December 26, independent candidate Ferozur Rahman said in one of his election rallies in Suhilpur, ‘He (Moktadir Chowdhury) has my money in his own house, 30/35 years ago I am giving him 50 thousand taka.’

Ferozur Rahman also said in that public meeting, ‘I helped him financially during the establishment of the University of Brahmanbaria.’

Abdul Jabbar Mamun, the plaintiff’s lawyer in the case, said, “A legal notice was sent to Ferozur Rahman to retract his statement and apologize unconditionally. But as he did not respond, a defamation case was filed against him in the court.’

This lawyer also said, ‘Moktadir Chowdhury did not know Ferozur Rahman 30 years ago. As a result, there is no question of taking money from him.’


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