Home News Case against 13 people in Barguna death of journalist due to torture

Case against 13 people in Barguna death of journalist due to torture

Case against 13 people in Barguna death of journalist due to torture

A murder case has been registered against 13 people for the death of Daily Bhorer Dak newspaper’s Barguna correspondent Talukdar Masood after being detained in the Barguna Press Club. The victim’s wife, Sajeda, filed the case at Barguna Sadar police station as a plaintiff at around 3 o’clock on Monday. All this information has been confirmed by the officer in charge of Barguna Sadar police station, Abul Kashem. Mizanur Rahman.

The accused in the case are – ASM Hafiz Al Asad (Sohail Hafiz) (47), Ariful Islam Murad (28), Md. Kasem Howlader (30), Ferdous Khan Imon (40), Md. Saiful Islam Miraz (30), Md. Chagir Hossain Titu (28), a. Malek Mithu (28), Waliullah Imran (28), Zahidul Islam Mehdi (28), Sohag Howlader (25), ASM Sifat (27), Shahidul Islam Shahid (45) and Md. Zafar Hossain Howlader.

Among them A.S. Hafiz Al Asad (Sohail Hafiz) NTV, Ferdous Khan Iman Jamuna TV, A. Malek Mithu DBC News, Md. Saiful Islam Miraz Time Television, Md. Jafar Hossain Howladar is working as Barguna representative of Mohana Television and Zahidul Islam Mehdi Online News Portal Bangla News.

The deceased journalist Masood Barguna is the son of Abdul Wahab of Ward No. 6 Gorapadma area of ​​Sadar Upazila. He is Barguna district representative of Dainik Bhorer Dak Patrika and an IP TV called Rajdhani Television. Apart from this, he was a two-time member of UP from that area. His wife Sajeda is a school teacher, daughter Tanni is in seventh semester of Civil Engineering at Barguna Polytechnic Institute and son Talukder Tanha is studying in Class VII at Barguna Zilla School.

According to the details of the case, Masood tried unsuccessfully to become a member of the Barguna Press Club. Later on July 29, 2015 he formed an organization called ‘Barguna District Press Club’. Some of the leading members of the Barguna Press Club were furious with Masood. On February 19, at around 10 o’clock, Masood started playing carom with Mushfiq Arif, a member of Barguna Press Club. NTV’s Barguna correspondent Sohail Hafiz got angry at Masood and started abusing him after seeing him playing carom in the press club. At one point, Sohail Hafeez and other accused closed the gate of the press club and beat up Masood.

The police reached the spot on receiving the information but the accused kept the gate locked. After being detained in the press club for about an hour, Barguna Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge AKM Mizanur Rahman, District Intelligence Police Officer-in-Charge Bashirul Alam entered the press club and rescued Masood and took him to Barguna General Hospital. From there he was sent to Barisal Sher-i-Bangla Medical College Hapsatal for advanced treatment. 13 days after the incident, Masood died last Saturday around 11 pm while undergoing treatment at Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital.

Masood’s wife Sajeda said, “Since the formation of Barguna District Press Club, former general secretary of Barguna Press Club and Barguna representative of NTV Sohel Hafiz and some of his followers journalists were angry with my husband. Sohail Hafiz also threatened my husband several times to close down the District Press Club. Because of this, on the day of the incident, Sohail Hafeez and others detained my husband in the press club and tortured him.

In this regard, Barguna Press Club President Golam Mostafa Quader was contacted by phone but he did not receive the call. Former President Md. Hasanur Rahman Jhantu said, ‘I am saddened by the death of Talukdar Masood. A case has been registered at the police station. Whoever is the culprit, I hope that the culprits will be investigated and brought to justice.’

Officer-in-charge of Barguna Sadar police station, Abul Kashem. Mizanur Rahman said, ‘The death of journalist Talukder Masood is sad. His wife Sajeda filed a murder case at the police station as the plaintiff. We are trying to arrest the accused as soon as possible and bring them to justice.

The body of Talukdar Masood was brought to Barguna from Barisal Hospital last Sunday afternoon. After the janaza in the west side field of the municipal building, the village was buried in Goradma area of ​​Naltona Union. Barguna Journalists Union, Reporters Unity and Reporters Forum expressed grief over his death and demanded exemplary punishment for those involved in the incident.