Home Sports Casademont Zaragoza will defend its crown against Valencia Basket

Casademont Zaragoza will defend its crown against Valencia Basket

Casademont Zaragoza will defend its crown against Valencia Basket

El Casademont Zaragoza He wants to prolong his reign. The current champions They knocked out Perfumeras Avenida (61-73) in a match that the maas dominated from the beginning after an overwhelming first quarter by Carlos Cantero’s players (7 a 25). The Maas took advantage of their superiority in individual duels and points of victory. Diallo in the delicate moments to seal his second consecutive final in his three years of participation in the competition. This Sunday (12:00 h/Teledeporte) will face the Valencia Basket in the highly anticipated finale.


Train crash. The duel between Avenida and Casademont Zaragoza was reminiscent of the final experienced last year and, a priori, it implied an even clash. Nothing could be further from the truth. Zaragoza’s defense added to the effectiveness of Leo Fiebich and Aleksa Gulbepropelled Carlos Cantero’s players, who struck the first blow with a partial from 0 to 17 that left the people from Salamanca knocked out in the blink of an eye (7-25).

Con Alexis Prince canceled and Arica Carter extremely demanding, it was Antonia Delaere the one who assumed stripes with two consecutive triples that held the team (19-35). Christine Diallo (12 points at halftime) dominated in the low post, becoming a headache for her defenders.

Low percentages of the Avenida

The low success percentages greatly complicated Avenida de reduce 20 points (23-43). But if someone says the word ‘challenge’, there will be Silvia Dominguez. A defensive heroic by the base, who recovered a ball by diving to the ground, allowed the azulonas to reduce the cushion by twenty points at half-time. (26-43).


The Belgian Dividers He was a lighthouse in the darkness for his companions. His three-pointers reactivated the team and Sunday He put on his overalls to command an attempted comeback. The image of the Avenida technician, with his arms crossed, denoted that the image given was not what was expected. Leo Rodríguez took over from his partner and brought his team to 12 (43-55)but Aleksa Gulbeimperial in defense and attack, cut their synergy to the roots.

Final reaction of the Salamanca

Alexis Prince appeared at the most expected moment. The American reduced the distance to ten points (54-64) and his team still had time to work the miracle. The azulonas did not manage to materialize their options and the points of Diallowhich appeared every time their rivals wanted to lower the ten-point barrier, pushed the team further and further away. Avenida of your objective. The charras tried and won the last set, but there were too many points to save. They sound the horn and the cup already had finalists: Casademont Zaragoza will face Valencia Basket in the final.

Technical sheet:

61 – Perfumeras Avenida (7+19+17+18): Sivia Domnguez (3), Leonor Rodríguez (15), Arica Carter (6), Alexis Prince (4), Laura Gil (8) -starting five- Olcay akir (0), Antonia Dealere (13), Andrea Vilar (4) , Sika Kon (8).

73 – Casademont Zaragoza (25+18+16+14): Mariona Ortiz (11), Vega Gimeno (2), Leonie Fiebich (15), Christelle Diallo (16), Tanaya Atkinson (6) -starting five- Khayla Pointer (2), Ainhoa ​​Gervasini (0), Petra Holesinska (6) , Aleksa Gulbe (13), Nerea Hermosa (2), Serena-Lyn Geldof (0).

arbitrators: By Lucas De Lucas, López Herrada and Areste Giralt. No eliminations.