Home Sports ‘Casa de los Famosos Colombia’: tough invented fight ended with a surprising prize

‘Casa de los Famosos Colombia’: tough invented fight ended with a surprising prize

‘Casa de los Famosos Colombia’: tough invented fight ended with a surprising prize

Lor more popular Colombian edition of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ has been the relationship that the actress Nataly Umaá began to have with the Panamanian model and singer Miguel Melfi, which led to her marriage to actor Alejandro Estrada ending. But there are also other sources of conflict such as those of the influencers, Karen Sevillano and Natalia Segura with the actress Martha Isabel Bolaos or the conflicts over leadership between Julin Trujillo, Juan David Zapata and Melfi himself.

But A fight between best friends had not been had, until it happened on Friday, March 15, already celebrating a month in the house. and with their spirits greatly affected by the confinement, the lack of food, among other things that these characters have experienced. AND even though everything ended up being a performance by Karen and ‘La Segura’was so credible that they gave a benefit to all the survivors of the ‘reality show’.

How was the fight between Karen Sevillano and ‘La Segura’?

The 34th day of coexistence began with mixed emotions, since there were audio messages for several of the famous people. and reactions of joy and melancholy. So much so that Natalia and Karen talked about how they missed their normal life and cried together because they felt that way. But the other companions, Apart from the emotionality, they were managing the tension due to the lack of food and, specifically, that they did not have oil to cook anything..

Given this situation Julin Trujillo, the leader of the week, acted, seeking to negotiate with ‘the boss’, who is that kind of ‘Big Brother’ who sees everything and organize everything in the house. Well, this ‘almighty’ within the program took advantage of the emotionality of Karen Sevillano and Natalia Segura to accomplish a mission and this is what he communicated to her, along with Trujillo:

They cannot tell anyone about this secret mission, in exchange for having a benefit for the house. I know that they do not have oil and if they want to have it, to cook for the rest of the week, Karen and ‘La Segura’ will have to fight in front of them. of all their classmates and leave them convinced that their friendship has come to an end

As soon as they left the room known as ‘The Confessionary’, the two friends who had not had any difference in the program and who have a lot in common due to their work as social media ‘influencers’ began to fight. The fight, supposedly, occurred because Sevillano ate ‘La Segura’s’ breakfast and the allegations were strong:

“And my breakfast?”‘La Segura’ said in the middle of the dining room and in front of everyone, “How so? You didn’t tell me to eat it?… You told me, Natalia, how so?”, responded Karen Sevillano to play a supposed joke on her friend. Well, Natalia, who is the more emotional of the two, brought out that characteristic to show annoyance with gestures and sharp responses and the response that everyone expected would end the conflict came out: “It was a joke, so stupid. How can I leave you without breakfast?”.

But it was not like that, the allegation continued because, yesSupposedly, there was a bad attitude from ‘La Segura’ and aggressive responses from Karen. That had been common among them towards other competitors, but something like that was never seen between them and that’s why the others began to worry.

The same thing also happened on social networks, since ‘La casa de los Famosos’ is broadcast on the Vix platform 24 hours a day, but some parts are left out of that coverage and Those who were watching the website did not know about the test to win the cooking oil either..

The performance became serious cWhen Sevillano threw the plate on the table with the food from ‘La Segura’the others began to intervene to avoid more problems, in addition to making comments among themselves and in the same ‘Confessional’ they also let it be understood that they had believed the fight between these friends who They became known outside their niche on the RCN channel.

“Do you think he can humiliate me in front of people?”‘La Segura’ spoke again in a strong tone and Sevillano was not far behind: “If you were so hungry, Natalia, eat it”. At that moment there was a return of the throwing of the plate, this time with a trail of food on the table and screams before each one went their separate ways.

Each one chose a place in the house to sit and cry, being comforted by people who were really worried about what had happened. AND Although it was an act, perhaps the two appealed to that emotion with which they started the day or understood the need for food.thus they gained talents from actresses that no one knew about them.

This is how the truth of the fight between Karen Sevillano and ‘La Segura’ was revealed

Before ‘The Boss’ brought them together to tell the truth, Karen Sevillano said in ‘El Confesionario’, with her usual mocking tone: “With the crying that hit me, I have everyone convinced… I am an actress”. And finally, after a few hours of the supposed fight, everything came to light with the words of that voice that is present throughout the premises:

Celebrities: I’m going to give you some information. Julian, stand up. Karen, stand up. Sure, stand up. You accomplished the secret mission. It is time for you to go to the ‘Confessional’ to collect your reward

With everything revealed, the participants accepted that they believed the performance and even applauded them, because the reward had paid for those performances and the tension experienced. In the room of secrets, a couple of bottles of oil were delivered and thus ensure one of the main ingredients for the meal. until the start of a new week.

But when Karen and ‘La Segura’ spent time and took stock of the situation, the first of them already felt like a professional actress:

Watch castings and watch projects… I need an Oscar, a Golden Globe, I need recognition, press, a red carpet and a star on the Walk of Fame

While Natalia Segura, calmer, highlighted: “There was throwing of plates, there was screaming from both of them.” Of course, the explanation of the throwing of plates on the table and in front of everyone was simply a contribution from each one. because they had not agreed on it that way and everything was done to make it more credible with those reactions.