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Carving with eagle symbol in Comilla

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Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer Khandaker Mu Mushfiqur Rahman allocated symbols among 88 candidates in 11 constituencies in Comilla in the upcoming National Assembly elections. At that time, there was a huge uproar over the allocation of symbols to individual candidates. Eagle as a symbol of independent candidates was wanted by all.

At 12 noon on Monday, independent candidate Sajjad Hossain of Comilla 5 Burichong Brahmanpara Constituency, Abu Jaher and expelled BNP leader Shaukat Mahmud applied for the eagle symbol. At this time Shaukat Mahmud was allotted the eagle symbol by the district returning officer.

Independent candidates Abu Jaher and Sajjad Hossain objected to this. In response to their objection, the district returning officer said that Shaukat Mahmud had applied the previous day, so he was allotted the eagle symbol.

At this time, independent candidate Abu Jaher said, “If you told us, we would have told you the day before.”

Meanwhile, independent candidates Mizanur Rahman and Nizam Uddin claimed the eagle symbol in Comilla 11 Chouddagram constituency. At this time, the returning officer does the lottery later Nizam Uddin got the eagle symbol.

Nizam Uddin said, ‘I have already started campaigning with the eagle.’ Then the Deputy Commissioner said, ‘If I had known, I would have fined you.’

Meanwhile, reserved seat MP Anjum Sultana Seema got the eagle symbol of her choice as the Sadar constituency did not have multiple independent candidates. Before he received the emblem, his activist supporters expressed interest in working with the eagle emblem.

On the condition of anonymity, the election office officials said, what the independent candidates did all day with an eagle symbol was indecent.

Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer Khandaker Mu Mushfiqur Rahman said, ‘I have warned all those to whom I have allotted symbols. They should not violate the code of conduct in campaigning.’


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