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To meet Captain Pulmón, better known in his native Alcoy as Ismael Mayor, is to become an organ donor. A man with an eternal smile, he wants to transform the world from his radio microphone, with cystic fibrosis who spreads a wonderful energy to everyone who meets him.

Death remains taboo but Ismael makes it visible as a source of life thanks to organ donation. It is difficult to understand that so many people leave so much earlier than expected. However, the fact that their relatives donate their organs gives more meaning to their existence. He manages to give life to other people who still hope to remain among us, thanks to the generosity of donors.

It is curious that the anniversary of a person’s death is also the anniversary of the rebirth of another person who received his or her organ. Life and death join hands in an act of absolute solidarity. A transplant is the only way to make sense of death.

In his book “The Transplant, My Second Chance,” he tells the true story of the process of a two-lung transplant, the uncertainty of the call, the day of the operation and the adaptation.

The unimaginable work that doctors do is miraculous and magical, changing the “pieces” of our interior.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Rafael Matesanz, creator and founder, in 1989, of the National Transplant Organization. Among his many achievements, he has taken Spain to first place in the world for transplants (more than double that of the European Union).

Our successful and imitated system requires solidarity and cohesion, since all communities are vital in the process. It is very easy to become an organ donor at ont.es. During life, we can also donate bone marrow, kidney or liver, as well as blood and other vital tissues in the treatment of some diseases.

Solidarity saves lives.