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Capital’s raw market is also full of new onions

by Afonso
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The supply of new onion in the capital market has increased but the price has not reached yet. Domestic onion is being sold at Tk 160 per kg. The price of potatoes also increased during the week. But there is relief in the winter vegetable and meat market.

The country’s onion market became unstable after the announcement of export ban from India. However, later on, the prices came down slightly as the onion started to appear in the market.

Even so, onions are sold at a slightly higher price on Friday weekends in the market of the capital. Old desi onion is being sold at Tk 160 per kg and new onion at Tk 120. 150 taka per kg to buy imported onions. The sellers could not show any rational reason for the price increase.

A vendor in the capital’s caravan market said, ‘There is no goods at the place we brought from. Because of this, the price of LC onion is high. The price of local onion is also higher than yesterday.

As the price of onion is high, many buyers have turned away from the product. A customer who came to Karwan Bazar expressed his anger and said, ‘onions are very expensive. That’s why I didn’t buy onions. I will buy a bunch of onion leaves. 60-70 taka asked price will take it. I will not buy onions today. How should we, who are common people, eat? Salary has not increased. Potatoes are also out of reach. It is becoming impossible to buy.’

Along with onions, there is also a potato market. Although the price of new potatoes has decreased slightly, old potatoes are being sold at Tk 55 to Tk 60 per kg. Last week it was Rs.50.

A potato seller said, ‘Low supply actually increases the price. It is the businessmen who increase it.’

However, the prices are within reach as the supply of winter vegetables is sufficient in the market. Most of the vegetables are being sold at Tk 50 per kg. However, with an increase of Tk 10 per dozen, farm chicken eggs are being sold at Tk 130. Beef sold at Tk 650 per kg in most places.


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