Home News Candidates started campaigning in Naogaon-2 constituency before the filing of nomination papers was completed

Candidates started campaigning in Naogaon-2 constituency before the filing of nomination papers was completed

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The legitimate and potential candidates of Naogaon-2 constituency started campaigning before the filing of nomination papers was completed. Besides pasting poster-banners, miking is going on. Mass communication is also going on to win the hearts of voters. The administration has instructed not to violate the schedule and not to promote before the scheduled time.

Naogaon-2 Constituency polls postponed on 12th February. Last date for submission of nomination papers is January 17. However, according to the previous schedule, the three candidates for boat, plow and truck symbols do not have to file nomination papers. In the new schedule, the start date of allotment and promotion of symbols is on January 26, but in the meantime, the roads and streets are covered with posters and banners.

Violating the code of conduct, potential candidates along with legitimate candidates are campaigning. Along with mass communication, miking is going on. Candidates are making various promises to win the hearts of voters. Optimism for victory.

Shahiduzzaman Sarkar Bablu, a candidate for the boat symbol in Naogaon-2 constituency, says, ‘If elected, I will take steps to make Altadighi National Park more attractive and enriching for tourists, as well as work to establish a land port at Dhamirhat.’

Ayub Hossain, election coordinator of truck symbol in Naogaon-2 constituency, said, ‘People want change. We are in the field with the truck symbol. I am getting massive response from voters and common people.

Mehdi Mahmud Reza, a possible independent candidate for Naogaon-2 constituency, said, “Earlier I submitted my nomination twice but it was cancelled. This time also I want to vote as an independent candidate. The people of the area want a change of MP, they want a new face.

The District Returning Officer has instructed the candidates not to promote before the completion of all processes including verification, allocation of symbols. He also said that all preparations have been made for a fair election along with tight security.

Returning officer Gholam Mawla said, “According to the new schedule, the last date for submitting nomination papers in the election is January 17. After this, after all the processes including verification, the list of valid candidates will be given. The Deputy Commissioner ordered not to advertise before this.

On December 29, the election of Naogaon-2 constituency was postponed due to the death of independent candidate Aminul Haque.


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