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Candidates responsible for bringing voters: EC Anichur

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Election Commissioner Md. Anishur Rahman said that the responsibility of bringing voters is the responsibility of the candidates, and the responsibility of the Election Commission is to maintain the environment.

On the occasion of the 12th National Assembly elections on Tuesday afternoon, he said this after a special law and order and exchange of views meeting with all levels of officials and individuals related to the election, including the contending candidates in the five constituencies of Chandpur district.

EC Alamgir said that voting is everyone’s right. Candidates will use various strategies to make voters appear. Law enforcement along with District Returning Officer and Superintendent of Police will work to maintain environmental control.

The Election Commissioner also said that only candidates can play an important role in bringing voters to the centre. Apart from this, the entire commission is now plowing the field to see whether the code of conduct is being followed in election campaigns. So there is no reason to raise any questions about this election.

At that time, the election commissioner said about the non-voting of women in a union in Faridganj upazila of Chandpur, “There is no mention of non-voting in Islam.” It has been said to hold a motivational meeting with all the candidates.’

All the candidates and law enforcement members of the district were present in the discussion meeting organized in the conference room of the District Commissioner under the chairmanship of the District Commissioner and District Returning Officer Kamrul Hasan.


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