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Candidates are also on digital platforms for election campaigns

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With the touch of technology, the election campaign has added a different dimension. Candidates are also using digital platforms to win the 12th National Parliament elections apart from the traditional mic-posters. They have chosen Facebook-YouTube as a means of promotion. Digital marketers are struggling to cope with the increase in demand, even with the recruitment of double staff.

Jubo League general secretary Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil, candidate of Awami League for Dhaka-14 constituency, is campaigning vigorously on social media Facebook in addition to conventional campaigning. He is also uploading various contents on YouTube through pictures and videos. The election song of the party has been added along with the video.

Mainul Hossain, a candidate for boat, told Independent Television, ‘In Bangladesh, activities are now being carried out at all levels in the digital system. We haven’t left that out in terms of promotion. In the meantime, I am conveying the details to the voters regarding which center they have to vote by opening the apps. Besides, all our programs are going on social media. It’s getting a huge response.’

Independent candidate of Habiganj-4 constituency Saidul Haque Sumon or Jatiya Party candidate of Gaibandha-1 constituency Shamim Haider Patwari are also active in digital campaign. Both are uploading videos on their Facebook pages. Voters are also supporting them through thousands of likes, comments and shares.

The demand for campaigning using digital platforms has increased this year compared to the last election. As a result, digital marketers are under heavy workload for 3 months.

Digital marketing expert KM Aminul Rahman told Independent Television, ‘Digital is very fast and within a short period of time a lot of targeted people are being reached. If we talk about an agency or a small team, we work with 4 to 5 people throughout the year. But if there are two-three candidates this time, then we have to hire a big team to support that candidate for two-three months.’

Meanwhile, the government’s revenue is increasing by increasing investment in election-focused digital marketing.


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