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Candidate not withdrawn from any seat: Chunnu

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The Jatiya Party will not withdraw a single candidate in the 12th National Assembly elections. This was stated by the general secretary of the party, Mujibul Haque Chunnu. He said this in a briefing at Banani office of Jatiya Party on Saturday afternoon.

At that time, Jatiya Party General Secretary said, “Though there are talks with Awami League, there is no alliance or grand alliance.” However, the strategy for a fair election is being discussed with the Awami League and it will continue until the election.

He also said that there is a discussion on what is needed to make the voters to come to the polling station and what is needed for a good election.

In response to a question from journalists, Mujibul Haque Chunnu said, ‘Jatiya Party seats have not been agreed with Awami League. However, the two parties will meet again.

In two of the last three elections, Awami League and Jatiya Party had formed an alliance, but in 2014, BNP boycotted the seats without an alliance. BNP did not come to the election this time either. There was no grand alliance this time either.

Stating that the Jatiya Party has no fear of withdrawing from the polls, the party’s general secretary added, ‘We have come to hold elections. I did not come to leave the election. And if you say that pressure, tactics, these things each team wants to get their own advantage if they talk to each other in any technique for their own needs. That’s right for everyone.’

On November 15, the election commission announced the schedule of the 12th national parliament election. According to the schedule, the vote will be held on January 7.


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