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Can stay Apurva, insecurity withdrew from Tollywood Jitu?

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Ziaul Farooq Apurba has been acting equally on the small screen for a century and a half. He also made his debut in the film. ‘Gangster Returns’ was released in 2015. However, Apurba never agreed to work in the film as compared to the proposal. But recently he has written his name in the film ‘Chalchitra’ of Kolkata maker Pratim D Gupta. This time in Tollywood, there are rumors that Apurba may be in the film ‘M16’ produced by MN Raj. The director’s words suggest the same.

This is how production company Team Nexgen Ventures bombed following a post by West Bengal actor Jeetu Kamal. Of course, the producer’s mouth is closed. He is reluctant to talk to the media about the matter. However, according to the director of the film, MN Raj, several media outlets in India said that Tollywood’s Soham Chakraborty and Bangladesh’s Apurva may be in this film. And for this reason, Jitu removed himself from the film due to insecurity!

However, other members of the film’s production company did not remain silent.

They complained, ‘Jitu could not accept anyone parallel to him in this film. He was suffering from insecurity. That’s why he finally got scared and withdrew from the picture. And didn’t even think it necessary to inform him before leaving!’

They also say, ‘The film has been shot for 10 days. Second phase shoot from 27th December. Jeetu is not giving any dates to the production company. The work of the film is further delayed due to this. First the problem with Ankush. Now with Jitu.’

Angry director MN Raj too. He is almost the same. He told Aajkal.in media, ‘Jitu is the hero in my film. After the break, the second hero enters in the second part. Jeetu is afraid of him as his counterpart. Talked to Soham Chakraborty for the character of that hero. Grandpa agreed. But as serious as Jitu, get someone new. As a result, I could not have a mature conversation with Sohamda.’

The director’s second choice is Bangladeshi actor Apurba. Talks have progressed with him. Objection to win! So he was struggling to get even. In the end, Jitu announced his resignation on social media without saying anything.

Said, ‘To inform all my fans, well-wishers, I am no longer associated with M-16 directed by Jitu Kamal MN Raj, directed by Nexgen Ventures.’

Meanwhile, Apoorva did not receive calls despite several attempts to contact him to discuss the matter.

Apoorva has been shooting director Pratim D Gupta’s ‘Chalchitra’ in Kolkata last September. Raima Sen, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Swastika Dutta, Anirban Chakraborty and others are his co-artists in it. Apart from this, recently this Bangladeshi actor was also seen in an advertisement of a reputed jewelery company in West Bengal.

Meanwhile, Jeetu Kamal was last seen in ‘Manush’ directed by Bangladeshi director Sanjay Samaddar. It stars Jeet, Vidya Sinha Mim and Sushmita Chatterjee. This film is currently playing in the cinema halls of the country.


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