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Can Lakshadweep, a Muslim-dominated India, become ‘Modi’s Maldives’?

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India-Maldives tensions have been renewed with a jibe at Narendra Modi, but its origins were laid during the election campaign of the new Maldivian President, Mohammad Muijju, in which he delivered an anti-India message. That debate has now come to Lakshadweep.

Modi’s thoughts on Lakshadweep, north of the Maldives, were understood shortly after his visit in the New Year. He wants to further promote this island area in the Arabian Sea in tourism. At least not to go to the Maldives!

After Modi shared pictures and videos, interest among Indians was generated. However, after the new tension with Maldives started, everyone started to eat and drink in the island. Millions of searches have been made in a day for this island.

MakeMyTrip, India’s largest online travel company, has reported a 35,000 percent increase in bookings in Lakshadweep within a week.

According to the British media BBC, Tata has announced the construction of two resorts with modern facilities by 2026 on two islands of Lakshadweep. The flight has been extended.

However, no matter what is done, the number of tourists who can go to such an island place as Maldives, it is never possible in Lakshadweep – that is what the tourism experts say. The main reason for this is the small size of Lakshadweep and its fragile ecosystem.

Locals here say that they want to be stakeholders in the tourism that will be launched here. Once an overnight tourist spot, the people here, who mainly fish, cultivate coconuts; Their livelihood will be hurt.

MP Mohammad Faizal of the Indian Nationalist Congress Party, representing the 70,000 residents of Lakshadweep, said transport, housing and infrastructure are the biggest obstacles here. The island where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is staying is called Bangaram. There are only 36 rooms to stay here.

You won’t find many places to visit the beach during the day and come back at night. Every island has the same picture. If you compare it with Maldives, it would be wrong to say that it is less. No comparison. Because you will find hundreds of places in Maldives. All modern facilities will be found in those places. These include resorts, hotels and guesthouses.

Mohammed Faizal says, ‘Lakshadweep can offer all the opportunities like beaches, underwater environment and spending time in water. Lakshadweep may be an alternative to Maldives in this respect. But in terms of infrastructure, Lakshadweep is still far behind Maldives.

The problem is not limited to this infrastructure. There are some more complex issues here.

Lakshadweep, India’s smallest autonomous region consisting of 36 islands, is 96 percent Muslim. Because of this, tension is often seen here. As seen in 2021. At that time, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appointed BJP leader Praful Patel as the administrator of Lakshadweep.

Patel took some controversial decisions on arrival. He removed meat from the school food menu. Apart from this, he also drafted a law to give all powers to the administration. The BBC has contacted Patel’s office, Lakshadweep Collector and the Tourism and Information Department there for comment. However, no comments were received.

Analysts say that all development activities should be carried out in accordance with the climate change here.

Indian marine expert Rohan Arthur said, if the long-term planning of Lakshadweep is undertaken, the corals, lagoons and beaches here should be kept in mind. The ecosystem here must be maintained.

However, recently Rohan said that this part of India has felt a terrible fire. The impact of El Nino is such a fire. In the years to come, that could be even worse.

According to the analyst, if you want to make Lakshadweep a sustainable tourism area, it is not right to build such infrastructure here, which increases carbon emissions. All projects should be carried out with the inclusion of the residents while maintaining the ecosystem here.


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