Home News Cádiz – Atlético de Madrid (2-0) A broken team

Cádiz – Atlético de Madrid (2-0) A broken team

Cádiz – Atlético de Madrid (2-0) A broken team

“But how to explain that I become vulgar when I get off each stage,” they sing The Secrets in Cat’s Eyes. As if Enrique Urquijo had sensed what happens to Atlético de Madrid when it leaves its stadium. Simeone’s team falls apart when he plays away from the Metropolitano. It is an empty team, without soul, that seems to only aspire for the days to pass as soon as possible so that the season ends without too many aspirations.

The proximity of the Champions League tie against Inter does not even serve as an excuse. Simeone did not reserve anyone important – only Griezmann was missinginjured – and yet, he was unable to get anything out of his visit to the stadium of a team that I had not won for six months and eight days, since September 1st.

They had spent 23 days and two coaches on the Cadista bench until Atlético crossed their path in Carranza. And Juanmi got the goals his team was missing.

Atlético lacks forcefulness in attack, but the problem arises before. Nobody was capable of feeding Morata and Memphis the necessary balls. The Dutchman also ended up unhinged, with a yellow card and replaced at half-time by Correa.

With the Argentine on the field, and with the three changes that Simeone made at half-time, Atlético seemed to enter the field more awake. But it did not help him score and it did not correct the defensive fragility of the red and white team. Cádiz, in addition to having gone six months without winning, is the team that scores the fewest goals and the one that finishes the least in First Division. But that It didn’t stop Atlético from scoring two. In the first, Juanmi finished off a cross from Sobrino from the left between Paulista and Hermoso without being bothered by either of them. The Brazilian was not successful in the second either. He mistimed a jump and left Juanmi alone in one-on-one with Oblak to confirm Atlético’s disaster.

Simeone’s team is not a reliable team. He doesn’t feel more protected by putting five defenders on the field. On the contrary. It is Simeone’s commitment to play with three centre-backs although he does not have enough specialists. The best of them, the most attentive and the one best positioned to make up for his lack of speed, is Witsel, who has played as a midfielder all his life.

Cádiz, who did not imagine many opportunities to escape relegation, suddenly saw the light. Enlightened by Robert Navarro’s football and Juanmi’s success in front of goal.

Atlético did not improve either with the entry of Vermeeren and the debut of youth squad El Jebari. They are content with being fourth, with getting points in their stadium even if they leave points in the stadiums of the weakest teams in the competition. They only got a draw from Almería and now they return with a defeat from Cádiz that could jeopardize their qualification for the next Champions League.