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Cable Service Digitization Guidelines Coming Soon: State Minister

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State Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mohammad Ali Arafat said that cable service will be created. He said this during an exchange of views with the leaders of the Cable Operators Association of Bangladesh at the Secretariat on Sunday afternoon.

Mohammad Ali Arafat said, ‘Cable television broadcasting, OTT platforms will be disciplined in all areas. Guidelines for digitization of cable services will be prepared shortly. Besides, quick action will be taken to stop the violation and disruption of cable television broadcasting. In this case, the issue of national security will also be considered.

The state minister said, ‘Every stakeholder involved in cable television broadcasting is in favor of digitization. There is no obstacle in this. So the government will try to do it quickly. Digitization will bring more revenue to the government, much more transparency.’

In response to a question from journalists about OTT, he said, ‘The government welcomes any advancement in technology including the OTT platform. But action will be taken where laws are broken, rules are broken. At the same time national interest and security will be ensured. With the advancement of technology, some kind of risk is also created, those areas will also be considered quickly.’

State Minister of Information Arafat said, ‘We cannot allow any violation of the prevailing laws in the country. Law and national security will be the highest priority for the government. The ministry will take a decision based on that.’


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