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Busy road in open-roofed car lions!

by Afonso
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A man is seen driving a pet lion on the streets of Pattaya, Thailand. The video went viral on social media. In this incident, the owner of the lion has already been arrested by the police.

According to the British media BBC, the lion was seen chained to the Bentley car with the roof open. At that time it was in a dangerous position. In the video, it can be seen that passing cars and bike riders are getting scared very close.

It is known that the owner of the lion is Sabangjit Kosungnarn. However, this woman was not in the car. His friend was in the car. That friend is a citizen of Sri Lanka. The woman has since been arrested but the friend is no longer in Thailand.

Petting lions is not illegal in Thailand. But for this you have to register. Police learned from Sabangjit Kosungnarn that he bought it from Nakhon Pathum province. But he could not officially take ownership of it. Because of this, he was arrested as illegal.

Subangjit Kosungnarn will have to pay a one-year sentence and a fine of about 3,000 US dollars. There are reportedly 224 lions registered as pets in Thailand.


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