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Businessman injured in Munshiganj stabbing by terrorists, detained

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In Munshiganj Srinagar, terrorists stabbed Md. A young man named Salim (36) was injured. He was brought to Dhaka Medical College (Dhamek) hospital with serious injuries at around 6:30 pm on Wednesday.

Injured Salim is the son of Shamsul Haque Talukdar of Sholghar Munsipara village of Srinagar police station in Munshiganj and is a grocer by profession.

Nurunnahar, the mother of the injured youth, said, ‘There is no security gate in our house. So my younger son Salim was installing the gate around noon today. At that time, identified terrorists of the area, Moajje, Liton and Milon told my son that I cannot install the gate without paying Amagore. They had an argument with my son about this. At one point Lytton stabbed my son in the chest, waist and ribs with bloody wounds.’

In this incident, the injured Selim’s elder brother, Abu Saeed Manik, has filed a case as a plaintiff, Nurunnahar said, “I understand that four people have been arrested by the police.”

Nurunnahar said that among his four sons, Salim is the youngest and a grocer in the local market. Selim has a 10-month-old daughter.

Injured Selim’s mother Nurunnahar said, ‘This dog of mine does not go anywhere except for business and shops. If something happens to him, I will not live and who will see his child Mayadare? Doctor Saab says his condition is not very good.’


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