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BTRC lifting unused data usage limit

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Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (BTRC) has decided to allow full use of unused data of prescribed internet packs. Earlier, customers were allowed to use up to 50 GB of unused internet.

BTRC decided to add the unused data to the new pack in March 2022. This benefit is subject to purchase of the same data pack before expiry. At the same time, the company also said that more than 50 GB of unused data will not be added.

Telecom operators objected to the obligation to use up to 50 GB of unused data of the customer. Mobile operator company Robi’s Chief Corporate and Regulatory Officer Sahedul Alam said, ‘I told BTRC that unlimited is not tactically feasible. If I have to carry forward, it is not possible to limit to 50GB. It should pay more. Must be kept unlimited.’

BTRC Director General Khalil Ur Rahman told Independent Television, ‘We feel it was not customer friendly. That’s why I have informed the operators, it will not be limited to 50 GB. Add as much as you have. A letter will be given in this regard in one or two days.’

Meanwhile, analysts have suggested adding any previously unused data to all types of packs. And they are talking about removing the rule of buying the same pack before the expiry.

Mohiuddin Ahmed, president of the Mobile Phone Consumers Association, said that it may happen that someone may have 200 to 300 MB left at the end of their usage. In case the recharge is done after 3 days, then it is advised to add the remaining data irrespective of the pack purchased.

Analysts also feel it is important to monitor whether operators are following the decision properly after implementation.


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