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‘Britain considering recognizing Palestine’

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British Foreign Minister David Cameron said, ‘Britain is considering officially recognizing Palestine as a state. We believe that recognition of Palestine will be conducive to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.’ Cameron said these things at the House of Commons Conservative Middle East Council last Monday night.

The British newspaper The Guardian reported that British Foreign Minister David Cameron went on a trip to the Middle East on Tuesday. Before that, he addressed the House of Commons. Cameron visited the Middle East for the fourth time in just three months. In November last year, he took over as the British Foreign Secretary.

David Cameron said, ‘Britain is continuing its diplomatic efforts to resolve the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine and to make progress towards a two-state solution. As part of that effort, Britain and its allies are considering recognizing Palestine.’

Regarding the Palestinian state, he said, “We should decide how the state will be or how it will be formed.” After that, we will consider the possibility of recognizing the State of Palestine at the United Nations.

Throwing accusations at Israel, Cameron said that Israel has failed to provide security to the citizens of Palestine for the past 30 years. Accepting their failure will pave the way for peace and progress.

He also alleged that the two-state solution was stalled due to Israel’s opposition. Cameron said Israel and Palestine should live side by side as separate countries under the two-state framework.

However, Cameron’s comments were contradicted by some senior members of the Conservative Party. Former Tory (Conservative) minister Theresa Villiers said that pushing ahead with recognizing Palestine as a state would reward the atrocities of Hamas; Especially in the context of the terrorist attack that Hamas fighters entered Israel on October 7 last year.


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