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Bribing before the new year, what a custom

by Afonso
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Imagine killing someone before the new year according to tradition and getting rid of the last year’s grudges. That too on a religious festival day. Surprisingly, this ancient custom is still followed by the inhabitants of the Chumbivilcas province of Peru.

According to Reuters news agency, every year on December 25, locals join this bribery festival called Takanakuy.
Locals see the festival as an alternative form of governance outside of Peru’s judicial system. Warriors participating in the festival aim to settle familial, romantic or territorial disputes through fistfights. And the local visitors celebrate this festival by singing and dancing.

A website called Hysteric Vids posted a video on the social media Xe,
It comes from the ancient pre-Hispanic Chanca culture.

The post says men, women and children gather to engage in bribery, which is overseen by local authorities. These fights are a way to vent the grudges of the past year, instilling a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants. After the fight the people who fought get together to drink and celebrate. This helps to ease any pain and strengthen the bond between the community.

Meanwhile, a user wrote in the comments of the post of this video, We need it everywhere in the world. Then things will be much easier.

Another user wrote, Looks like a real fight club, doesn’t it.


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