Home News Bratislava showed the first two-way trams. They can accommodate 240 passengers

Bratislava showed the first two-way trams. They can accommodate 240 passengers

Bratislava showed the first two-way trams.  They can accommodate 240 passengers

The Bratislava transport company has the first two of ten new two-way trams. The remaining vehicles should arrive in May.

Two-way Škoda 30T3 trams are more than 32 meters long and can accommodate more than 240 passengers. New trams will gradually be deployed on line 4. On weekends, the city carrier will soon be able to send only low-floor and air-conditioned vehicles.

“I am happy that the modernization of public transport in Bratislava is continuing. After the purchase of new buses, trolleybuses and one-way trams, the DPB vehicle fleet has recently been expanded by ten new two-way low-floor trams,” stated the mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo, at Tuesday’s briefing.

Since it is a new type of tram, they must go through the homologation process before being put into traffic. Therefore, in the next few weeks, technical and safety tests await them, both without load and with it. Subsequently, they will appear on the streets of the capital as part of test drives.

In addition to regular traffic, two-way trams also help in the case of road closures to places without a full-fledged turning point. In the past, thanks to them, traffic to Karlová Ves or to the embankment could be maintained during reconstructions.

Two-way streetcars are conceptually based on the vehicles delivered in 2014-2015. However, they differ with a stiffer body, an innovative braking system, and more powerful air conditioning. The main distinguishing element in the exterior are the red and black front and rear fascias and full-color information displays. These allow color differentiation of the lines as well as display of the remaining time until departure from the starting stop.

“Thanks to resources from the European Union, we have managed to allocate almost half a billion euros for ecological public transport in the capital in the last few years,” commented the State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic, Denisa Žiláková.

The new trams are manufactured in the Czech Republic, in Pilsen and Ostrava, DPB is supplied by Škoda Transportation based on the results of public procurement. The purchase is financed from the Cohesion Fund through the Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure.

The new two-way trams will complement the fleet of 20 one-way trams delivered last year.

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