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Boycott of Pabna-2 Dolly Sayantani and Pabna-4 Punjab

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Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM) candidate vocalist Dolly Sayantani has announced a vote boycott on various charges including throwing out agents, fake votes, voting on boats by showing boat seals.

Punjab Ali Biswas, an independent candidate from Pabna-4 (Ishwardi-Atgharia) constituency, also announced boycott of the vote on the same complaint.

They announced this to the journalists an hour before the end of voting on Sunday. They will submit in writing to the District Returning Officer.

Dolly Sayantani, the anchor symbol candidate of Pabna-II constituency, said, ‘My agents have been kicked out from the centre. The voter is forced to vote with a boat symbol marker seal. I have held a few myself. Even after complaining to the presiding officer, I did not get any remedy. After that I boycotted the vote.

Meanwhile, independent candidate of Pabna-4 constituency Punjab Ali Biswas, I have boycotted this vote on the charges of rigging the vote, blocking the appointment of agents and giving fake and illegal votes.

Pabna-2 Constituency Assistant Returning Officer Sukhmoy Sarkar said, I do not know anything about this. He did not complain to me. Voting is going very smoothly. There is an irregularity. If he complains, it will be investigated.

Pabna-4 Constituency Assistant Returning Officer Sudhir Kumar Das said, I have heard that he has filed a complaint. But he did not complain to me.

In this regard, Returning Officer and Deputy Commissioner M. Asaduzzaman was contacted by phone, but no statement was received.


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