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Boro seeds are being destroyed in Sherpur due to winter and fog

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Like the rest of the country, the intensity of winter has increased in Sherpur district. Farmers are facing various problems. Boro paddy seed bed is getting destroyed due to excessive cold and fog. In many places, the seed bed is being attacked by some kind of fungus. This is disrupting the growth of the crop and in many cases it is dying.

Farmers are unable to work in the field due to winter. There is a crisis of agricultural workers. As a result, Boro rice cultivation is going backward.

In the current season, the target of boro paddy cultivation has been fixed on 91 thousand 940 hectares of land in Sherpur district. For this, 4 thousand 899 hectares of land have been created seed beds of different varieties of Boro rice. Meanwhile, the planting of Boro rice seedlings on 5,000 hectares of land in the district has been completed.

Nazir Ahmed, a farmer of Charsherpur, said, ‘Seedlings get spoiled in winter. I can’t get land. If you plant borodhan on the land in the fall, the harvest time will be jamuga in the ricks.’

Farmer Fazlul Haque of Paranpur said, ‘We are cultivating rice and mustard. Cultivate mustard seeds. But the net (seedling) will not be destroyed. I am giving pesticides, I am giving irrigation but nothing is happening. How do you harvest the boro now?’

In this regard, Additional Deputy Director (Cereals) of Sherpur District Agriculture Extension Department Mohammad Safiqul Islam said, ‘Farmers have been advised to spray fungicides. And our people are giving various suggestions including irrigation in the seed bed in the evening and regular release of water in the morning.’


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