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Bone-shaking winter in Panchagarh, the sun is not visible

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There is no cold current in Panchagarh. However, due to cloudy skies and fog for four days, the sun could not be seen properly. Along with the cold north wind, the severity of winter has increased. There is public suffering. Winters are felt everywhere in Konkan as the night temperatures rise slightly but the day temperatures drop.

The Tetulia Meteorological Office recorded a minimum temperature of 11.9 degrees at 9 am on Friday. The minimum temperature on Thursday was 12.2 degrees Celsius. The day temperature was further recorded at 16 degrees Celsius. The day temperature on Wednesday was 16.7 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, from Tuesday, the sky is cloudy at night and cloudy during the day. The intensity of winter is increasing as the sun does not meet properly. Today, Friday, the sun was not visible until 11 o’clock. The sufferings of the draughty winds have increased the uprooted and starving people. Day laborers and rickshaw-van drivers cannot go to work in the morning.

Zainal Abedin, a tea worker in Darjipara area of ​​Sadar in Tentulia upazila, said, ‘We work in the tea garden from dawn. Our condition is very bad. Hands and feet become paralyzed due to cold. Can’t work properly. Nothing can be grasped with hands. The finger hurts.’

Russell Shah, officer-in-charge of Tentulia Meteorological Office, said that there is no cold current at present. However, the sky is cloudy during the day and foggy at night. For four days there is no heat from the sun but there is wind. Wind blowing at 8 to 10 km along with fog has increased the severity of winter.


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