Home News Bone-chilling winter in Panchgarh, temperature 8.4 degrees

Bone-chilling winter in Panchgarh, temperature 8.4 degrees

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Bone-chilling winters continue in Panchagarh despite a slight increase in minimum temperature. At 9 am today, Thursday morning, the minimum temperature has slightly increased to 8.4 degrees Celsius, recorded by the Meteorological Office.

Russell Shah, officer-in-charge of Meteorological Department of the first class of the district, said that the minimum temperature was 7.4 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. Weather This situation is a prelude to mild to moderate cold currents.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the maximum temperature of the day increased from 17.2 degrees Celsius to 26.2 degrees Celsius. But since evening, the entire area is covered in thick fog. Also severe cold is felt due to the cold northerly wind.

Locals say that even though the sun is visible in the morning, it is bitterly cold from 9 am to 10 am.

Ignoring the bone-chilling winter, various low-income professionals from laborers, van drivers, day laborers can be seen going to work in pursuit of livelihood.


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