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‘Bomb’ attack on independent candidate’s filling station in Bogra

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A group of terrorists attacked a filling station with cocktails and petrol bombs in Banani area of ​​Bogra suburb. 5 dispenser units of that filling station have been destroyed. The attack happened on Friday night. The authorities claim that at least 50 lakhs of rupees have been lost.

Shahjahanpur police confirmed the incident and said that a group of 7/8 miscreants attacked a filling station of Hawk and Company in Banani area of ​​Bogra suburb last night with petrol bombs and cocktails. 5 dispenser units of that filling station were destroyed. However, the police could not arrest anyone in this incident till 2 pm on Saturday.

The witness of the incident and the staff of the filling station. Abdus Salam said that around 3 o’clock in the night, a group of miscreants came from the east side of the road and suddenly attacked the two units in front. During this time they also threw some petrol bombs and cocktails.

However, the fire was immediately brought under control with the help of fire extinguishers. Simultaneously disconnecting the dispenser units avoids major losses. At the time of the incident, there were at least 18,000 liters of petrol and fuel in the tank of the filling station.

The owner of the institution, former Member of Parliament of the BNP party and an independent candidate in the 12th National Assembly election, Dr. Ziaul Haque Molla, said, “He has suffered a financial loss of at least 50 lakh taka in this attack.”

In this regard Shahjahanpun police officer in charge (OC) Md. Shahidul Islam said that the CCTV footage obtained from the filling station confirmed that some youths came very quickly and ran away after attacking and vandalizing.

Shahidul Islam also said, ‘The police have already started working to find those related to the incident.’


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