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Boats in two, individual winners in two at Faridpur

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In the 12th National Assembly elections, out of the 4 seats of Faridpur, the candidate of Boat won two and the independent candidate won two.

Among them, independent candidate Jubo League presidium member Mojibur Rahman Nixon Chowdhury has scored a hat-trick of victories by defeating Awami League presidium member Kazi Zafarullah in Faridpur-4 constituency. On the other hand, in Faridpur-3 Sadar seat, the independent candidate won by defeating the candidate of Awami League, former president of FBCCI A. K. Azad

On the other hand, the candidate of Awami League in Faridpur-1 seat, Awami League presidium member Nokar Abdur Rahman and the candidate of Awami League in Faridpur-2 seat, Shahdab Akbar Labu Chowdhury, have snatched away the victory after fighting fiercely with independent candidates.

District Returning Officer and Deputy Commissioner Kamrul Ahsan Talukdar completed the announcement of the results of four seats in Faridpur district in the twelfth national parliament election by announcing the results of the last Faridpur-3 seat after 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday. He privately declared them victorious.

According to the privately obtained results, Awami League’s presidium member boat candidate Abdur Rahman has won the Faridpur-1 constituency. He got 1 lakh 23 thousand 331 votes. His nearest rival independent candidate Arifur Rahman Dolan got 84 thousand 989 votes in eagle symbol. He won by 38 thousand 342 votes.

In Faridpur-2 constituency, Awami League candidate Shahadab Akbar Chowdhury got 86 thousand 95 votes in Labu boat symbol. His nearest rival independent candidate Jamal Hossain Mia got 84 thousand 114 votes in eagle symbol. This boat candidate won the boat with 1 thousand 981 votes.

Faridpur-3 independent candidate of the eagle symbol A. K. Azad got 1 lakh 34 thousand 98 votes. His nearest rival candidate Shamim Haque got 75 thousand 89 votes. AK Azad won by getting more than 59 thousand 9 votes.

Mojibur Rahman Nixon Chowdhury got 1 lakh 48 thousand 35 votes in Faridpur-4 seat with eagle symbol. His nearest rival Kazi Zafarullah got 1 lakh 24 thousand 66 votes in boat symbol. Nixon Chowdhury won with 23 thousand 969 votes.


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