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Boat worker fined for cooking khichuri in Mumtaz’s road meeting

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A traveling court has fined an activist Tk 5,000 for cooking meat-khichuri for the voters on the occasion of Awami League candidate musician Mumtaz Begum’s rally in Manikganj-2 constituency. At the same time, 800 packets of khichuri were seized and sent to the children’s families.

Boat worker Babul Hossain Bhuttu was fined in Angaria area of ​​Singair Municipality of Manikganj on Wednesday night.

Executive Magistrate Mamunur Rashid of the Deputy Commissioner’s office of the mobile court formed on the occasion of the election confiscated the fine and food.

It is reported that on Wednesday night, there was a road meeting of boat candidate musician Mumtaz Begum in Angaria area. On this occasion, meat-khichuri was being cooked and packed for the food of workers-supporters and voters at Babul Hossain Bhuttu’s house. At that time the traveling court appeared at his house.

Mobile court judge Mamunur Rashid told reporters that according to Section 10(f) of the Election Conduct Rules, soft drinks and food items cannot be served in election camps. But Babul broke this law. Because of which he was fined 5 thousand rupees. At the same time, the food packets were seized and sent to Manikganj children’s family.

He said that this operation of mobile court will continue for the sake of fair elections.

Singair Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Abdul Qayyum Khan and Singair Thana-Police Sub-Inspector Shariful Islam along with the accompanying force were present during the operation of the mobile court.


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