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Boat won 16 seats in Dhaka, independent in 4

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Candidates nominated by the ruling Awami League have won 16 of the 20 parliamentary seats in Dhaka. Independent candidates won the remaining four seats. This information was informed by the information published by the Election Commission (EC) on Sunday.

The constituencies that were defeated with Awami League’s boat symbol are – Dhaka 4, 5, 18 and 19. In Dhaka-4 constituency, boat candidate Sanjida Khanam was defeated by independent candidate Awlad Hossain by a margin of 2 thousand 198 votes. By a margin of only 297 votes, Harunur Rashid Munna, candidate for Dhaka-5 seat, was defeated by independent candidate Moshiur Rahman Molla. Another independent candidate with kettle symbol in Dhaka-18 constituency. Khosru Chowdhury won. State Minister for Disaster Management Enamur Rahman was defeated in Dhaka-19 constituency by getting less votes than two independent candidates.

Among the candidates who won in Nauka – In Dhaka-1 Constituency, Nauka candidate Salman F Rahman got 1 lakh 50 thousand 5 votes. Kamrul Islam got 1 lakh 54 thousand 448 votes with a boat in Dhaka-2 constituency. Nasrul Hamid, the candidate of boat in Dhaka-3 constituency, got 9 thousand 191 votes. Mohammad Said Khokon got 61 thousand 703 in Dhaka-6 seat. Mohammad Solaiman Salim got 63 thousand 817 votes in Dhaka-7 seat. Bahauddin Nashim got 46 thousand 610 votes in Dhaka-8 constituency. Saber Hossain Chowdhury got 90 thousand 396 votes in Dhaka-9 constituency. Nayak Ferdous Ahmed got 65 thousand 898 votes in Dhaka-10 constituency. Mohammad Wakil Uddin got 83 thousand 825 votes in Dhaka-11 constituency. Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal got 94 thousand 679 votes in Dhaka-12 constituency. Jahangir Kabir Nanak got 90 thousand 375 votes in Dhaka-13 constituency. Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil got 53 thousand 540 votes in Dhaka-14 constituency. Kamal Ahmed Majumdar got 39 thousand 632 votes in Dhaka-15 constituency. Ilyas Molla got 65 thousand 631 votes in Dhaka-16 constituency. Mohammad Ali Arafat got 48 thousand 59 votes in Dhaka-17 constituency. Benazir Ahmed was elected privately by getting 83 thousand 709 votes in Dhaka-20 seat.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Awlad Hossain was elected privately in Dhaka-4 constituency by getting 24 thousand 775 votes with truck symbol. His closest rival, Sanjida Khanam, got 22,577 votes with the boat symbol. Independent candidate Moshiur Rahman Mollah Sajal was elected privately by getting 50 thousand 631 votes in Dhaka-5 constituency. His nearest rival Harunor Rashid Munna got 50 thousand 334 votes with boat symbol.

Independent candidate Khosru Chowdhury was elected in Dhaka-18 seat by getting 79 thousand 85 votes with kettle symbol. His closest rival independent candidate SM Tofazzal got 44 thousand 909 votes on the truck symbol. In Dhaka-19 constituency, independent candidate Saiful Islam was elected by getting 83 thousand 750 votes with truck symbol. His closest rival independent candidate Talukder Md. Tauhid Jang Murad got 80 thousand 582 votes.


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