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Boat supporters attack houses of supporters of independent candidates in Narsingdi

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Supporters of Awami League candidate Nazrul Islam’s boat attacked and vandalized the house of independent candidate Kamruzzaman’s eagle symbol of Narsingdi-1 Sadar Constituency. There were allegations of beating and injuring some people, including exploding cocktails. The attack took place in Khodadila village of Alokbali of Sadar Upazila on Tuesday afternoon.

Advocate Asad Ullah, the supporter of the independent candidate and the president of Alokbali Union Awami League, said that around 4:30 pm, the supporters of the boat took out the procession from the market of Khodadila village and vandalized the house of Ward 2 Awami League president Hasan Ali after circling various roads. Later 8 more houses were vandalized. Around 30 cocktails were detonated at this time.

Former convenor of Alokbali Union Farmers League, Mainuddin Mia said, ’45-50 people attacked our house, including general secretary of Ward 2 Awami League Nizam Uddin, member Rabiul Mia, Kuwait expatriate Shimul, led by Bazlur Rahman Fahim. We are preparing to file a written complaint at the police station.’

However, Bazlur Rahman Fahim, who is accused in this regard, said, ‘I did a victory procession with people – it is true but there is no incident of attack. Facebook Live was going on during the procession, you can also watch it live if you want. I don’t know who carried out the attack, I have no involvement.’

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Narsingdi Sadar Model Police Station Tanveer Ahmed said, ‘I have not received any report or complaint of such an incident. Action will be taken as per law if complaints are received.’


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