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Boat supporters are casting lots of fake votes: Dolly Sayantani

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In Pabna-II (part of Sujanagar-Bera) constituency, polling is being done by forced boats in various centers. Also, singer Dolly Sayantani, the candidate of the Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM) in this seat, has alleged that boat supporters are casting a lot of fake votes.

On Sunday (January 7) after the start of voting, he came live on his Facebook page at around 10:30 am and made this complaint.

Dolly Sayantani said, in most of the centers of Sujanagar, voters are being given paper with the boat candidate’s picture and symbol. Voters are coming to the center with that paper. Local village heads from the center are asking them to vote by boat. At the same time openly asking to fold the ballot paper. In most areas of Mohammaddia Dakhil Madrasa, Manikhat, Sujanagar municipal areas of Sujanagar, supporters of boat candidates are casting fake votes. Voting is forced. The anchor is releasing the marker agent.

Dolly Sayantani on live drew the attention of the administration to stop such voting. At the same time, they demanded the closure of all the centers where votes were taken in this way.

When contacted after the Facebook Live, Dolly Sayantani said that most of the centers are being forced to vote in favor of boats. In a center called Gopalpur Government Primary School, the ballot boxes were filled by 10 am. If it continues like this, it cannot be called a fair and impartial election. We want such voting stopped. Boat people everywhere are casting fake votes. Everywhere I went I took it in my hands.

When asked about this, Ahmed Firoz Kabir, the current MP and a candidate for the boat in this constituency, said that such allegations should not be made. A specific complaint should be made. There is no forced voting in any centre. And if you complain about forced voting, it’s not against me, it’s against the administration.

District Commissioner and District Returning Officer Mu. Asaduzzaman said, he (Dolly Sayantani) made a specific complaint at a centre. A magistrate has been sent there. Legal action will be taken in case of any irregularity. No concessions will be made to make voting fair and impartial.


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