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BNP’s political blunder to boycott elections: Trinamool BNP

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Trinamool BNP leaders think boycotting BNP elections on the advice of foreigners is a political mistake. They said, ‘Trinamool BNPE is now a real nationalist force.’

Kamrul Islam Nasim, the former Sramik Dal leader and advisor of Trinamool BNP, said these things in the discussion meeting titled ‘Present and Future of Nationalist Politics’ on Wednesday morning.

Kamrul Islam Nasim said that BNP is doing politics under the shelter of imperialist forces, “real nationalists are joining Trinamool BNP by thinking about the people of the country.”

Stating that the work of BNP reorganization will continue with nationalist leaders, he further said, ‘BNP has become a self-interested political party that talks about good governance without coming to elections. Within the next 5 years, Trinamool BNP will become a big nationalist power.

He also expressed hope to win 10 to 13 seats in the next election.


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