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BNP’s human chain: Press club chanting slogans, police on alert

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The leaders and workers of BNP formed a human chain with the relatives of the victims of disappearance and murder, demanding the protection of human rights and the release of the leaders and workers. The members of law and order forces were seen to be in alert position at this time.

BNP leaders and activists held this program in front of the National Press Club at 11 am on World Human Rights Day today after more than a month of continuous strike-blockade.

This program was presided over by BNP Standing Committee member Selima Rahman. However, many leaders in hiding are seen in human chains at this time.

Although there was a program at 11 am, thousands of BNP leaders and workers started coming in front of the press club to join the human chain from 8 am. The road in front of the National Press Club became loud with slogans under the banner of Dhaka Metropolitan North and South BNP. Leaders and activists kept chanting slogans on Khaleda Zia’s release, election and other issues.

It can be seen from the surface, the gathering of BNP leaders and workers in the press club area on the occasion of the human chain was worth noting. At this time, various parts and affiliated organizations of the party were carrying different banners and festoons. At this time, they were also seen giving different slogans.

Apart from the capital, this program is being held simultaneously in the district headquarters of the country. The same-minded groups in the ongoing simultaneous movement to bring down the government in the capital have also held human chain programs separately.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the human chain, members of the law and order forces were on alert in and around the press club area. The road from Paltan towards Press Club was closed.

Water cannons and APCOs are kept ready for any situation.

On October 28, BNP called a mass meeting in Nayapaltan of the capital to demand the fall of the government. Before the start of the rally, the leaders and workers of the party clashed with the police. A policeman was killed. About a hundred were injured. The Chief Justice’s residence in Kakrail and the Central Police Hospital in Rajarbagh were also attacked during the clashes.

Apart from this, several media workers who went to collect news of the rally admitted to the attack. Some media cars and motorcycles were vandalized. Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) arrested BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir from his home in Gulshan the day after this incident. Apart from Mirza Fakhrul, some other central leaders of BNP were arrested after this incident.

Since the violence of October 28, the BNP has been carrying out hartal-blockade program almost continuously. Although the program was announced, the central leaders of the party were not seen publicly.


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