Home News BNP will not be able to come to power till doomsday: Shahjahan Omar

BNP will not be able to come to power till doomsday: Shahjahan Omar

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Candidate Shahjahan Omar Bir Uttam, who joined Awami League from BNP and went for election from Jhalkathi-1 (Rajapur-Kathalia) constituency, said, ‘BNP thinks that it will hold elections only when it can come to power. How many years have you been waiting to wait? It seems like this will continue until the end of the world. But can’t go to power.’ He said this in a road meeting at the Kathalia Pilot Girls’ School grounds on Friday afternoon.

Shahjahan Omar also said, ‘I am doing BNP first. Why are you coming to Awami League? Because I am an independent person. The roar of the tiger can be heard, but the hookah of the fox is very noisy. I have noticed that if a party does not go to the polls, it slowly dies. To select people by group. It is not said that the party will win all the elections. The democratic system is complete only when there are representatives in the parliament.’

Upazila Awami League President Bimal Chandra Samaddar presided over the road meeting. Kathalia Upazila Parishad Chairman Md. Emadul Haque Monir. Leaders and activists of pro-Omar BNP were present in the road meeting.

Last Monday, the upazila Awami League held a general meeting and decided not to work for Shahjahan Omar in the election. Later Awami League’s advisory council member and 14 party coordinator Amir Hossain Amur reached an agreement with Shahjahan Omar in a meeting at his residence in Barisal city. After the end of the conflict, the leaders and workers spontaneously participated in an election meeting organized by Upazila Awami League at Fazil Madrasa ground at Rajapur Dakbungo intersection of Jhalkathi last Thursday afternoon.


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