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BNP wants a UN investigation into the killing of BGB members

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BNP has demanded a UN investigation into the killing of Sepahi Mohammad Raishuddin, a member of the Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) at the border.

A statement sent to the media on Saturday morning said that this demand was made in the meeting of the party’s standing committee.

According to the statement signed by Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, the senior joint secretary general of the party, in the early hours of January 21, in the Jelepara post-adjacent area of ​​Dhanyakhola BOP on the border of Jessore, Indian Border Guard Force (BSF) members shot dead Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) member Sepoy Mohammad Raishuddin. Bangladesh-India border is the most violent and bloodbath in the whole world.

Quoting the Center for Law and Arbitration, the statement said that 201 Bangladeshis have been killed in BSF firing in seven years.

According to the statement, what has been said by the BSF in the incident of the death of BGB member is unacceptable. The BSF has turned the Bangladesh border into a ‘blood-sport’. India’s policy of ambition is not stopping the bloodshed at the border.

It is also mentioned in the statement that Bangladesh has been on fire due to the murder of BGB member.

The statement claimed that Sheikh Hasina’s subservient perpetual ‘political settlement’ with Delhi is the result of BSF’s silence on the border killings of Bangladeshis. The foreign minister of Bangladesh said that he did not know about the murder of Mohammad Raishuddin until the next day. The power of occupying Awami ministers is more important than the lives of citizens. Awami League’s policy and ideology is to enjoy power by keeping the countrymen subjugated. The Awami government did not keep anyone in peace on the borders of the homeland. Now the lives of common citizens and border guards of Bangladesh are being killed by the border guards of their friendly countries. Although India is a democratic country, its policy makers have not acquired the depth of democratic values.

The statement also said, that is why they do not bear any responsibility for the illegal killings on the border of Bangladesh. In all the killings, including Felani’s, the international community and even several human rights organizations in India have expressed protest-concern-excitement, but the Indian authorities have not tried or remedied anything. The heartbreaking sight of Felani’s body hanging on the barbed wire is still burning in the hearts of the people of Bangladesh. I strongly condemn and condemn this incident. I also wish for the forgiveness of the departed soul of the deceased person.

Earlier, on Tuesday (January 21), BGB member Mohammad Raishuddin was killed by BSF firing at Jessore border in Bangladesh. Later, the BSF returned the dead bodies of Raishuddin through Gangulia Para border in India on Wednesday morning.


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