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BNP-Jamaat is persuading people to vote like before: Law Minister

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Law-Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Haque claimed that BNP-Jamaat is persuading people to vote as before.

This candidate of Awami League in Brahmanbaria-4 (Kasba-Akhaura) constituency said, ‘BNP-Jamaat is asking people not to vote because they believe in the culture of passing without voting. That time has passed. I believe people are aware of their rights. They will go to the center to vote to elect their representatives.’

The minister said this while addressing an election meeting organized in his support at Chanpur playground of Akhaura North Union on Thursday afternoon.

Anisul Haque said, “In democracy, the people will elect their representatives through voting rights. The constitution says that the people are the source of all power. A kuchkri mahal has boycotted this election. Not stopping at boycotting elections, they are now trying to tell people not to go to polling stations. When this BNP-Jamaat held elections, we saw yes-no votes without voters. no one went We have seen the votes filled in the ballot box in 1979. We saw such ballot box stuffing in 1986. In 1988 we also saw such ballot box stuffing. We certainly saw on February 15, 1996, Khaleda Zia took that vote without any public participation. Since there was no participation of the people, he had to resign within a month and a half.’

‘BNP-Jamaat’s rule was that when elections were held, they would go to the area, go and say you will vote for me, if you vote, raise your hand. People raised their hands in fear. “You raise your hands, I got the vote. You don’t need to go to the center anymore.” That time is gone. That era is gone.’ added the minister.

Anisul Haque mentioned that the world is watching him. He said, ‘I am the law minister. Cameras all over the world are focused on me. A gentleman goes to the center and says that he will get a reward as much as he votes. But I didn’t say that. Has written on social media, on mobile – I am talking about this. That’s why I said the camera is on me. If you really love then in the January 7 election you will go to the center and vote for the boat brand and show the whole world that we love our child Anisul Haque.’

Under the chairmanship of union Awami League leader Mojibur Rahman Nannu, upazila Awami League president Mohammad Ali Chowdhury, general secretary Takzil Khalifa and others spoke in it.


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