Home News ‘BNP is destabilizing the country’s market in the name of boycotting Indian products’

‘BNP is destabilizing the country’s market in the name of boycotting Indian products’

‘BNP is destabilizing the country’s market in the name of boycotting Indian products’

In the name of boycotting Indian goods, BNP has indulged in a deep conspiracy to destabilize the country’s market system. Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader commented that people will not respond to their calls.

The minister said these things at a press conference at the Awami League president’s office in Dhanmondi in the capital on Friday morning. The minister said that the predicament of destroying relations with India is the manifestation of BNP’s mental disorder. Their call to boycott Indian goods will not affect the relationship between the two countries. People of the country will boycott those who have called for boycott of Indian products.

The general secretary of Awami League said that a political party is bankrupt, inconsiderate with a radical mindset, and talks about boycotting the neighboring country if it is out of diplomatic etiquette. Today India is surrounded on all three sides in terms of global reality and regional geographical location. On one side only Myanmar. Majority of our daily necessities come from India. It also has benefits. The cost of import from distant countries is also high. Therefore, the predicament of destroying relations with India is an expression of BNP’s mental disorder. They have to pay a huge penalty for not coming to the election.

Obaidul Quader said that a senior leader of BNP is seeking the cooperation of neighboring friendly countries to save the country’s democracy, on the other hand, a junior leader of BNP is calling for boycott of Indian products. In fact, BNP’s politics is chaotic and messy. Now they don’t understand who they want to please. Which way will BNP actually go? They are now lost like wanderers and are disoriented saying whatever they want, doing whatever they want.

The bridge minister also commented that the hostile relationship with India for 21 years after the assassination of Bangabandhu has caused more damage to Bangladesh. He said that benefits can be obtained by maintaining good relations. What Awami League has done. Enclave exchange, border agreement implemented. Now there is positive progress on Teesta, Feni river water distribution which has not been resolved due to good relations, it is also possible to resolve them. There is no use in quarreling with the neighbor.

Awami League general secretary said that communal politics has been going on in the name of anti-India since Pakistan period. The call for boycott of Indian goods today is an integral part of that.

Awami League general secretary criticized the allegations of suppression of BNP leaders. He said, starting from BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, almost all the leaders have come out of jail one by one. But Mirza Fakhrul is saying from Singapore that repression is going on against them. Almost all the leaders have been released from jail on bail. Where is the repression here? Isn’t this a contradictory statement?

The Minister of Road Transport and Bridges felt that India would not agree to the import of electricity from Bhutan through Indian soil. He said, the king of Bhutan will come to Bangladesh. Will meet the Prime Minister. Our Prime Minister has family relations with the family of the King of Bhutan. I think India will not agree to import electricity from Bhutan using Indian land.

Awami League organizing secretary BM Mozammel Haque, sub-department secretary Sayem Khan, executive member Anwar Hossain and central Awami League leaders were present in the press conference.