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BNP is afraid to come to the elections: Sheikh Hasina

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Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘BNP has been afraid of coming to the polls ever since the 2008 elections. They can give nothing but burning and killing people’.

He said these things at the last election public meeting in Narayanganj on Thursday afternoon before the 12th National Assembly elections.

At that time, the Prime Minister said, ‘We have been in the government for 15 years. We won the 2008 elections. We had a 20-party alliance led by Seva BNP and a grand alliance led by Awami League. In that election, Awami League got 233 seats in the boat market alone. And BNP got only 30 seats. Since then, BNP no longer wants to come to the elections, it is afraid. For which they terrorize’.

BNP misrule, corruption and terror militancy led to the creation of One Eleven in the country. Stating that Awami League has brought back the voting rights of the people, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘BNP is conspiring to derail the voting to take away democracy and voting rights’.

The president of Awami League urged everyone to go to the polling station by announcing that Narayanganj will be made a smart city.

Sheikh Hasina said, Bangladesh will not look back anymore, it will move forward at an unstoppable speed. The boat brand has brought freedom to the country, and this boat brand will build a developed country.

Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reached the rally venue at AKM Shamsujjoha Sports Complex ground in the city around 3:30 pm. He started his speech at 4:30 pm. During the speech, he took a break after hearing the call to prayer. After the call to prayer, the prime minister resumed his speech.


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