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BNP has no courage to stop elections: Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has commented that BNP does not have the courage to stop the 12th National Assembly elections on January 7. He made this comment at a public meeting organized by Dhaka Metropolitan North and South Awami League at Kalabagan in the capital on Monday.

At that time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘BNP used to sell nominations in exchange of money. As a result, their election environment would be spoiled. Since 2014, many victims of BNP’s arson attacks in the name of preventing elections are still suffering.

The Prime Minister said, ‘BNP does not come to elections because it cannot steal votes now. Will they sabotage the election? We have achieved the right of people to vote through agitation and struggle. They will take away that right, stop the elections – they don’t have that much courage. They can’t do that.’

Addressing BNP, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘They are boycotting the elections. Rejection is normal. Can’t steal votes, won’t vote. Because, they are used to stealing votes. They are created by stolen votes. Nothing can be done other than stealing power, grabbing power, stealing votes. That’s why he doesn’t want to vote.’

Stating that Awami League was the first to hand over power through peace, the head of government said, ‘Those who came to power after 75 came through arms and violated the constitution.’

The prime minister highlighted the role of Awami League in changing the quality of life of people including health, education, gas, water, electricity, transportation during his government. He also highlighted the role of metro rail, elevated expressway in decongesting Dhaka.

Awami League president said, ‘Many of the underprivileged classes of the country have been given land and houses. If there is Awami League, everyone will be provided with their own accommodation. The election is to take steps to build a smart Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina urged to continue the development of the country by voting by boat and said, ‘Many intellectuals are misleading the nation by telling lies, they will be answered.’


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