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BNP does not believe in division: Moin Khan

by Afonso
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Abdul Moin Khan, a member of the party’s standing committee, said that BNP believes in peaceful political coexistence. He said this at a discussion meeting organized on the occasion of Ziaur Rahman’s birthday at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Monday morning.

Abdul Moin Khan said, ‘We do not believe in division. We want what is called in English peaceful co-existence. We believe in that politics. Today the government is trying to stay in power by the barrel of the gun, they will never succeed in this attempt.’

Criticizing the Awami League, he said, ‘They are a one-party government and politics of logi-baitha. They have axed all the institutions of the country. They are deceiving by talking about the constitution. People’s minds cannot be forgotten with development.’

Moin Khan said, ‘Now is not the time to talk. Now is our time to protest. We have been running the program continuously for 15 months. Doing a completely peaceful program. BNP does not believe in any violent politics. But the government is trying in vain to convince foreigners that BNP is a fundamentalist party. But foreigners don’t eat it. That is why parties in the democratic world did not recognize fraudulent elections. The world’s influential media is calling the current system of Bangladesh the North Korea model. And the government says they have made Bangladesh a role model in the world.


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