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BNP distorted and destroyed system under supervision: Kader

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General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader commented that BNP has distorted and destroyed the government system under supervision. He made this comment at the opening ceremony of the polling agent training program at the Awami League’s Dhaka district office in Tezgaon in the capital on Tuesday morning.

Quader said, ‘The supervision system has been distorted and destroyed by BNP. Awami League did not cancel this system, the judiciary did. This system is dead. There is no need to revive it.’

General secretary of Awami League said, ‘The whole world is eating food in the cycle of crisis. We are going through tough times too. Bangladesh is not isolated from the impact of the global crisis. We have to make choices in adverse times of world crisis. The constitution must be protected through elections. There is no alternative.’

Quader commented that some parties want to disrupt the election by terror-sabotage and not by marching and meeting. He said that the terrible violence that is being carried out to disrupt elections is a rare event. It is natural that those who introduced this politics of murder and conspiracy in this country will disrupt the development of democracy.

Kader said that there is no alternative to free, fair and neutral elections to keep the democracy of Bangladesh alive. He said, ‘The election will be held in our country as in other democratic countries of the world. The government will only perform routine duties.’

Other parties including BNP said that the election would have been more competitive. He said, ‘We don’t want to hold elections by keeping the opposition out. But despite their absence, a competitive election is going to take place in a festive atmosphere.

Under no circumstances should the election be disrupted, Kader said, ‘suitable environment must be created for the voters. Those who obstruct, must be resisted.

Kader said that the Election Commission will take action if someone from Awami League spoils the environment. He said, ‘Awami League will give full support to the commission. There is no need for agents who stand in the booth and show too much love for the team, break the discipline and bring the team into disrepute. We don’t want to get any bad name about the election. Sheikh Hasina wants a free and fair election.


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